March Product Update
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We have recently released a series of new updates to our product lineup, aimed at enhancing your experience and maximizing creative potential.

In this article, we'll delve into the latest features and improvements, empowering you to make the most out of VidMob's innovative tools.

Platform Updates

People Page Update

  • Value: Distinguishing your team members from Your Vidmob team just got easier.

  • Impact: Makes managing the users in your organization easier, and finding your Vidmob support faster.

  • Users : All users.

  • How to use it: On the People page, your default view will be the Members tab displaying all of the members of your organization. The next tab over is Your Vidmob team, and finally the Pending invites tab where you can manage the people that have not yet accepted their invitation to your organization.

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Analytics Updates

Creative Comparison Report

  • Value: Introducing a faster way to group your creative when creating a report. You will be able to generate custom groups based on which elements appear in the creative and when.

  • Impact: A new report to take advantage of custom creative groups based on quick filtering will bring a huge time save in being able to analyze creative. This report type also brings the ability to compare the performance between creative that contain a specific element against creative that do not contain that specific element.

  • Users: All users with subscription to Analytics

  • How to use it: To create this report, use the left navigation and click into the Creative Comparison Report. Or use the left navigation to click into the reports section, then click “Create Report”. Then click “Add custom group” create a custom group of creative by filtering based on containing specific elements.

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Brand and Market Breakdown

  • Value: Introducing new ways to segment data by market and by brands.

  • Impact: Bringing the ability to breakdown Element Impact and Media Impact reports by brands or by markets. This functionality takes advantage of the way ad accounts are mapped to brands and markets, and introduces another a way to parse these dimensions of data.

  • Users: All users with subscription to Analytics

  • How to use it: Create an Element Impact or Media Impact report, and select breakdown by market or breakdown by brand. Then add columns with specified brands or specified markets to look at the data across those dimensions.

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Scoring Updates

Criteria Management List

  • Value: An enhanced view of the Criteria Management page with more details, filtering, sorting, and descriptions.

  • Impact: When you are viewing all your criteria, you now have the visibility into the attributes that you’ve assigned to that criteria including things such as creative type, mandatory or optional, best practice, etc. You will also have the ability to sort and filter the criteria you see based on specific attributes assigned to that criteria.

  • Users: All users can view this Criteria List page. Only Admin users can Add, Delete, and Edit Criteria.

  • How to use it: In scoring, click into Criteria page to see this updated management page. For more details on a specific criteria, click into that criteria to see a pop-up with extra information behind the criteria.

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Adobe After Effects Plugin Scoring (Beta)

  • Value: Ensure brand & platform adherence to brand best practices on preflight assets

  • Impact: The plugin will close the gaps between the creative process and insights coming from Vidmob, making best practices and mandatory criteria available directly where creative production takes place. Creator will be capable to Score their creatives and extract valuable insights directly into their workflow, avoiding back and forth in the creative process and accelerating the path to achieving unimaginable results faster, increasing adherence to best practices and mandatory criteria for each channel and workspace, directly through the plugin.

  • Users: Creators with ability to edit creatives in Adobe After Effects

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