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How do I use the Adobe After Effects Plugin as a Creator for Creative Scoring?
How do I use the Adobe After Effects Plugin as a Creator for Creative Scoring?
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This Adobe After Effects Plugin tool is designed to empower creators by seamlessly integrating VidMob Scoring criteria into your creative process. You will now be able to see your client’s mandatory criteria previously set as well as score your creative before sharing them with your team to get a score on which criteria you met (or did not).

Overview of the VidMob Adobe After Effects Plugin

First, you will need to set up the plug in. To do this, please do the following:

  • Download & install the ZXP Installer, which you can do here

  • Download the plugin file, which you can do here

  • Then drag the file into the ZXP Installer

  • Once you open After Effects, go to your Window tab and click on Extensions and select VidMob

Once you have the plugin downloaded and the VidMob extension opened in After Effects, you must have a VidMob Creative Studio (CS) account to log in. Make sure you have your account set up to access the full range of features. If you need help with your account, contact our support team to help set up your account.

Inside the plugin, you'll also find a Knowledge Center that links out to our existing help articles. Explore detailed information, FAQs, and tutorials to enhance your understanding of the plugin's functionalities.

Creative Scoring Criteria

Creators can view the Criteria list within the plugin to initiate the creative process in the right direction. Score your creative directly in Adobe After Effects against mandatory criteria and create and save Scorecards for future reference.

Utilize the Creative Scoring App within the plugin to focus on the mandatory criteria set up by your client. Scorecards generated within the plugin will help you ensure your creative adheres to your client’s mandatories. The criteria within the plugin will automatically update, ensuring that you are always working with the most current information.

How to Use the VidMob Adobe Plug In

Once your creative is ready for a score, please follow the below steps:

Step 1 - Choose your relevant workspace.

Note: If you are not sure which workspace to select, reach out to the project owner. For more information about how Workspaces function, check out this Help Center article: How do Organizations and Workspaces function?

Step 2 - Click on "Score my drafts."

Then click on the “Score a draft” button. You will also be able to see past scorecards here.

Step 3 - Generate a scorecard by selecting the relevant channel and criteria name. Then select the specific creative you want evaluated.

Please note: You can either select a local file from your computer or use the creative in your Adobe After Effects.

While you wait for your score, you can continue to work in Adobe After Effects and the plugin and can check the percentage progress using the last column called Score.

Step 4 -Receive your score.

Explore specific criteria to understand what passed or needs improvement as well as view the overall percentage based on channel best practices.

That's it! Feel free to use this tool as often as needed before uploading your draft to share with the relevant stakeholders. It's a simple and effective way to ensure your content aligns with the best practices and criteria established for optimal performance.

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