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How to use Vidmob for brand growth
How to use Vidmob’s In-Flight tool to monitor creative at a global scale
How to use Vidmob’s In-Flight tool to monitor creative at a global scale
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In today's dynamic digital landscape, it's essential to maintain brand integrity and ensure that all assets meet established guidelines. By leveraging Creative Scoring's In Flight tool, you can efficiently monitor, evaluate, and optimize creative assets to drive brand success across diverse markets and sub-brands.

Understand Live Asset Performance

Adherence Report: Gain valuable insights into how well your brand assets adhere to guidelines and represent your brand across various sub-brands and markets. The Adherence Report enables clients to track compliance levels and identify areas for improvement, ensuring consistent brand representation globally.

Optimize Impressions Allocation

Impressions Adherence Report: Ensure that assets aligning with your creative guidelines receive the appropriate level of impressions to maximize their impact. The Impressions Adherence Report allows clients to monitor impressions allocation, identify underperforming assets, and reallocate resources to ensure optimal exposure and ROI.

Track Diversity Representation

Diversity Report: Stay informed about diversity representation within your creative assets to uphold diversity goals and foster inclusivity. The Diversity Report provides comprehensive insights into diversity representation, empowering clients to assess their progress, set new goals, and drive meaningful change in their campaigns.

Maximize Creative Performance

Creative Leaderboard: Monitor asset performance in real-time with the Creative Leaderboard, allowing clients to track daily performance metrics and identify top-performing assets. By quickly reallocating budget to the most effective creative assets, clients can optimize their campaigns for maximum impact and ROI.

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