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How to use Vidmob for brand growth
How to use Vidmob’s Pre-Flight Testing to increase compliance
How to use Vidmob’s Pre-Flight Testing to increase compliance
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By adhering to your organization's creative guidelines and leveraging Creative Scoring, you can drive brand consistency and ensure that no asset goes live without meeting the required standards.

Check Assets Before Going Live

Pre-Flight Scorecard: The Pre-Flight Scorecard is your first line of defense against asset waste. Upload batches of assets to be scored against predetermined criteria before they are deployed. This step ensures that every asset undergoes a thorough evaluation to confirm its readiness for prime time.

Optimize Assets and Increasing Compliance

Individual Creative Scorecard: Upon reviewing the results generated by the Pre-Flight Scorecard, you have the opportunity to optimize assets or flag any discrepancies. This granular approach allows for targeted improvements, ensuring that each asset aligns perfectly with your organization's standards.

Understand Markets and Brands

Pre-Flight Adherence Report: To scale the validation process efficiently, utilize the Pre-Flight Adherence Report. This comprehensive report provides insights into the adherence of different markets and brands to the established criteria. Quickly identify areas of concern and take corrective actions to maintain alignment across your organization.

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