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Introducing Creative Scoring



What is the difference between Creative Scoring and Creative Analytics?

Creative Scoring: Understand how well your brand’s creatives adhere to foundational platform best practices.

Creative Analytics: Uncover your brand's custom creative insights and best practices, based on media performance data.

What is the difference between in-flight and pre-flight scoring?

In-flight batches score live creative against digital platform best practices.

Pre-flight batches score creative before it goes live against these same best practices. Pre-flight scoring should be prioritized to ensure you are running the best-built creative.

Is media performance considered when evaluating assets with the Creative Scoring solution?

No, Creative Scoring does not take media performance into consideration, especially when evaluating pre-flight batches that haven’t gone live yet.

Creative Scoring is only evaluating how well each asset meets the baseline best practices for each platform.

How should a batch be named?

We recommend naming your batch so that it is easily discoverable, for example “Brand_Market_Campaign_Date” or “NEU_NA_Holiday_2021”.

How long does it take for me to see score results?

Please allow up to 24 hours for results to process.

What types of files can I upload to Creative Scoring?

Supported file types in Creative Scoring: MP4 (Video); PNG, JPG (Static).

Creative Scoring Criteria



Are there specific criteria for each brand or market?

No, criteria in Creative Scoring are general best practices for each platform. To learn more about custom best practices specific to your brand and/or market, connect with your regional VidMob representative to learn more about VidMob’s Creative Analytics solution.

Can Creative Scoring analyze both static and video concepts?

Yes, Creative Scoring can analyze static and video media if they are submitted in the following file formats: .mp4, .mov, .jpg, or .png. Example file formats not supported include: .pdf, .gif, .psd, .ai.

Are static and video concepts scored against the same criteria?

Static and video assets can be scored within the same batch. The criteria featured will be the same, however criteria focused on ad duration and detection of built for sound off/on will not be relevant to static assets.

For all other criteria, the rule will apply to both static and video assets.

Any timestamp included in the rule will not be relevant to detecting a pass for a static creative.

What should I do if I think my asset was scored inaccurately?

This can happen from time to time -- if you would like your asset to be looked at and potentially rescored, please hit the "Feedback Flag" which will be on the right side of your screen when you are viewing the media.

Our team will then review it and reach out to you with an update.

Integrating Creative Scoring Within Your Workflow



At what point in the creative process should assets be submitted for Creative Scoring?

We recommend scoring assets twice during the production process.

The first time is after an early draft, on a parallel path to internal review. This way, your feedback and the Creative Scoring results can be shared together as holistic feedback.

The second time is when the asset is final, but right before it goes to legal or set live.

Social Platforms



What platforms are included?

All the major social platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube (DV360 and Google Ads), Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Snapchat. VidMob can also score for Verizon Media.

Is Creative Scoring set up to score for other digital channels outside of social (like HTML5 files for Programmatic)?

No, Creative Scoring is currently only designed to analyze your content for social best practices and Verizon Media. However, any programmatic asset can be included in a batch if it’s submitted in a file format that is accepted by the Creative Scoring (.mp4, .mov, .jpg, .png). For future iterations of this solution, best practices for programmatic will be added.

For in-flight scoring, will creative be scored along side post copy?

No. Creative Scoring is evaluating the creative asset only. No post copy or other UX features are considered.

Partner Accounts



How do I toggle between multiple partner accounts?

If you’re a member of multiple partner accounts, you can click on the colorful square in the bottom of the left-side navigation bar on VidMob’s platform to toggle between accounts. Watch this video example for a demo.

How do I invite others to join my partner account?

Using the left-side navigation bar on VidMob’s platform, select the briefcase icon, also called “Company”. Once in the “Company” dashboard you’ll be able to see all teammates within the partner account. You can use the “Invite” button above the list of names to invite others to join your partner account.

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