Why is creative volume important?

In short, the higher the creative volume, the more data there is to find insights!

VidMob’s AI technology identifies creative elements in your creative assets (see more on that here). When a creative element is identified across several different creatives, the performance average of all of those creatives (weighted by impressions) is represented in that creative element grouping (known as a “tag” on the VidMob platform). High creative volume ensures that an individual creative does not skew the results of a Creative Analysis.

What considerations are there for creative volume?

VidMob recommends there are at least 30 creatives included in an analysis after all analysis parameters are set (i.e. date range, buying objective, placement, etc).

The purpose of the 30 creative threshold is to uphold our data integrity and ensure we are delivering insights to clients that are reliable and ultimately lead to positive performance impact. This threshold is based on the stat testing principle we apply to our data - a sample size of 30 is considered standard when applying a two-proportion z-test as it provides enough data to form a distribution.

When this threshold is not met, don't worry! There are still plenty of ways to derive valuable information from the platform.

<30 Pieces of Creative

>30 Pieces of Creative

Creative Scoring Reports



Normative Insights



Brand Insights


Directional Brand Insights (see below)


Watch Dashboard

x (individual asset view)

What are Directional Brand Insights?

Directional insights are when the insight derived is using limited data, below the recommended creative volume. They can be thought of as something to keep an eye on or to further test, however are not meant to provide confident recommendations. Directional insights can be leveraged to help progress your brand towards new creative areas, tests, and strategies.

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