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How does creative volume impact use of Creative Analytics?
How does creative volume impact use of Creative Analytics?

Understand the importance of creative volume and what to do when your own creative volume is low

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Why is creative volume important?

The higher the creative volume in an account, the more data there is to find insights!

When VidMob's AI technology identifies creative elements in your creative assets, the performance average of all of those creatives (weighted by impressions) is represented in the results for that creative element. High creative volume ensures that an individual creative does not skew the performance results of a creative element.

Note: To learn more about which creative elements VidMob's AI analyzes take a look at VidMob's Creative Element Overview

What considerations are there for creative volume?

VidMob recommends there are at least 30 creatives available to uncover reliable, brand-specific insights from Creative Analytics.

The purpose of the 30 creative threshold is to uphold data integrity and ensure insights are reliable and ultimately lead to positive performance impact. A sample size of 30 is considered standard when applying a two-proportion z-test as it provides enough data to form a distribution.

What if I have low creative volume?

When the recommended threshold is not met, don't worry!

VidMob normative insights, accessible in the Insights Library and Dashboard, are available to provide you and your team data to inform your next round of creative. Normative insights are available for several channels and industries, and the bank of insights available grows quarterly.

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