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Roles & Permissions for Organizations and Workspaces
Roles & Permissions for Organizations and Workspaces
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Within this framework, we've defined two distinct roles, each with their own set of permissions: Organizational Admin Users and Organizational Standard Users.

Organizational Admin Users: These are the orchestrators who oversee operations across the entire client organization. They possess a comprehensive view of all workspaces within their respective organization. Additionally, they automatically hold the "workspace admin" role for each workspace. This elevated status empowers them to manage and supervise all workspaces within their client organization, ensuring efficient collaboration.

Organizational Standard Users: This group encompasses users focused on specific workspaces within their client organization. They can view and access only the workspaces they're directly involved in. Depending on the workspace, they may also assume the role of a workspace admin, taking charge of tasks and overseeing activities within that workspace.

Below is another breakdown of the permissions each role has within the platform:

Organization and Workspace Roles

Org Admin

Org Standard

Workspace Admin

Scoring Manager

Workspace Standard

Manage Organization and Workspaces

View Organization settings

View Workspace settings

View all Workspaces in the Organization

Edit any Workspace in the Organization

Create workspaces

Ad Account Management

Connect ad accounts to organization

Link ad accounts to workspace

Team Management

Invite members to Workspace

Edit Organization roles

Edit Workspace roles

Scoring Management

Flag a Score

Override a Scoring Result

Add, Edit & Delete Criteria

How to change the teammate's role in a workspace

To modify the role of an individual within a workspace, navigate to the "Organization" page, select the specific workspace, click the three dots adjacent to their name, and then opt for "Change Role".

Note: Only Admins or Managers can change a role or remove a member of a workspace. Only Organizational Admins can remove members from an Organization.

How to change the teammate's role in an organization

To modify the role of an individual within the Organization, navigate to the "Organization" page and select the "People" tab. You'll find a roster of all organization participants, along with their roles and associated workspaces. Click on their current role to open a menu and modify your selection.

Note: Utilize the search tool positioned at the upper-left corner of the page to locate a particular user.

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