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What KPIs are best to choose for a VidMob analysis?
What KPIs are best to choose for a VidMob analysis?

Understand which KPIs will help you receive actionable insights and achieve optimal results

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When using Creative Analytics, we recommend prioritizing Action-Based Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to unlock insights that will give you insight into the true potential of your creative.

Creative Analytics analyzes the relationship between specific creative element data and audience actions (views, engagement, impressions etc.) to identify which creative elements are most effective at driving a specific audience outcome. For this reason, action-based KPIs are the most effective metrics for Creative Analytics versus spend- or scale-based KPIs, which are more traditionally used to measure media & delivery efficiency.

Focusing on action-based KPIs enables creative effectiveness. Our insights provide a deep look into what is driving (or not driving) performance. They help inform creative decisions and open the door to test further.

Why Action-Based KPIs Matter:

Cost as a Media Signal:

Cost Per Action (CPA) is a cost-based metric and plays a crucial role in optimizing for media efficiency. While creative quality affects media efficiency, the added metric of cost introduces variables such as investment, ad setup, platform algorithm, audience targeting etc. that are not related to creative.

Action Drives Creative Effectiveness:

Action-based KPIs reflect specific rates of actions without the added variable of cost. By prioritizing Action-Based KPIs for Creative Analytics, we shift the focus to understanding the elements that most impact a desired action, to optimize content for maximum creative effectiveness. This approach allows us to create captivating campaigns that inspire meaningful interactions and drive results.

Choosing KPIs for Optimal Insights:

Primary: Action-Based KPIs:

We recommend prioritizing Action-Based KPIs as the foundation of your Intelligent Creative Analysis. This approach ensures a focus on driving meaningful actions and engagements. Examples include CTR, 3-second VTR, and Conversion Rate.

Secondary: Cost-Based KPIs:

While Action-Based KPIs form the core, we offer the flexibility to incorporate Cost-Based KPIs as secondary metrics for an additional fee. This allows you to monitor media efficiency alongside your primary objectives.

Action-Based Intelligent Creative Drives Meaningful Business Outcomes

By basing Creative Insights on actions, creative optimizations are more likely to drive better creative performance, while also enhancing media efficiency and potentially reducing costs as a natural result.

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