Why is creative volume important?

VidMob’s AI technology identifies creative elements in your creative assets (see more on that here). When a creative element is identified, the entire creative’s performance average (weighted by impressions) is grouped into that particular creative element grouping (known as a “tag” on the VidMob platform). Because of that, the higher the creative volume, the more data there is to find insights. High creative volume ensures that an individual creative does not skew the results of a Creative Analysis. To maximize what’s possible with VidMob’s Creative Analytics, consider the factors below.

What considerations are there for creative volume?

VidMob recommends the following creative volume considerations be met after all analysis parameters are set (i.e. date range, buying objective, placement, etc):

  • At least 30 creatives for an analysis

  • At least 10 creatives included in an individual tag

Although VidMob is happy to conduct a Creative Analysis when these considerations are not met, however, the insights will be viewed as directional.

What are Directional Insights?

Directional insights are when the insight derived is using limited data, below the recommended creative volume. They can be thought of as something to keep an eye on or to further test, however are not meant to provide confident recommendations. Directional insights can be leveraged to help progress your brand towards new creative areas, tests, and strategies.

What can you do if you do not have the creative volume required for an analysis?

VidMob develops Normative Creative Insights for the industries we partner with. These are developed per quarter, per platform. We require at least 5 clients per vertical and 25 ad accounts before normative data is published in the platform. Normative Creative Insights can serve as relevant directional insights for your brand if low creative volume is a concern, but they can also serve as a guide to get your brand started with Intelligent Creative ahead of ramping up efforts with VidMob. Additionally, normative insights are a great way to compliment your current efforts. They are published consistently in the Insights Library.

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