How does VidMob support Ad Types?

Learn what ad types with multiple creatives are, how they are displayed in Creative Analytics, and how to account for them in analytics

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How does Creative Analytics work?

To provide valuable insights of your ad creatives and associated metrics, we begin with importing the ad creatives and metrics through our channel integrations. These creatives are then subjected to our advanced AI and Computer Vision models, which extract important attributes such as talent, color, messaging, and more. Simultaneously, we import the relevant metrics and KPIs associated with the ads.

We are focusing on analyzing the data at the creative level, which differs from how data is presented in channel ads managers.

That data is visualized in a number of ways throughout our platform:

Creative Manager

The Creative Manager allows you to assess the performance of individual creatives within your ad accounts. We group the performance at the creative level, giving you a clear view of the historical effectiveness of each creative in your account.

*For Meta Only* - In addition to grouping performance by creative, our platform showcases performance grouped at the Ad Level as well. This enhancement provides a more aligned experience with how data appears in ads managers. Additionally, it enables you to understand the relationship between ads and creatives, and how performance may differ at each level.


The Comparison Report provides you with aggregated performance insights across all the creatives within your ad accounts. These reports are built on the most granular level of data available, which is the creative level.

Individual Creative

To gain deeper insights into the "why" behind the performance of a specific creative, you can dive into individual creative analysis. This feature allows you to examine how viewers engage with an ad and understand the impact of different creative elements. It provides valuable insights into optimizing your creative strategy.

Understanding "Supported Ad Types"

When we refer to "Supported Ad Types" in our analytics, it means that we can import and process the creative data through our computer vision models. However, in order to provide comprehensive creative analytics capabilities, we need to associate the creative with creative-level metrics and impressions.

It's important to note that the availability of creative-level granularity is sometimes limited by our channel partners. We rely on their data provision to provide the most detailed insights. While we strive to maximize the data available, there may be variations in the level of granularity depending on our channel partners' capabilities.

Ad types with multiple creatives are described as single ads that have more than one creative attached to them.

What are our known limitations today?

Our limitations are not specific to a particular ad type but occur when ads have multiple creatives. This mainly affects Meta integration due to complex ad configurations, but it can occur in other ad types like Carousel Ads or Advantage+ Placements (previously known as Dynamic Creative Ads). Our ability to analyze these ads in Creative Analytics depends on the availability of creative level data through the API. We often face challenges such as limited KPIs, lack of creative-level data for Carousel Ads, and limited filtering capabilities for ads with multiple creatives.

Some examples of ad types that could be configured with multiple creative:

Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Offering where advertisers provide several assets as a bundle, and then Meta uses AI to test the different possible combinations to determine the optimal version.

Please note there are limited availability for KPIs

Auto Placement

For a single creative, an advertiser may choose to use different assets for stories versus feed, or several other Facebook placements where asset customization is allowed.

Please note there are limited availability for KPIs

Carousel Ads

An ad format that allows advertisers to showcase up to 10 images or videos within a single ad, each with it’s own link.

Not currently supported in Creative Analytics

How do those limitations impact how data appears in analytics?


  • Since data is aggregated at the creative level, when data is not available for all creative being analyzed, you will see banners alerting users of incomplete data.

  • This does not mean that the data is inaccurate or unusable, but that we are unable to provide metrics for all creative currently under consideration

Creative Manager

The flexibility of seeing data grouped at the ad and creative level enables you to better understand the relationships between creative and ads. Specifically, it will better highlight where there are gaps in our ability to surface metrics at the creative level data.

Individual Creative View

Our current individual creative view relies on metrics such as View Through 25%, View Through 50%, View Through 75%, and View Through 100%. However, these specific KPIs are often unavailable at the creative level for ads that contain multiple creative. As a result, we are unable to provide an individual view, specifically the 'watch' view, for creatives with limited data.


See known KPI limitations for ad types with multiple creative

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