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Understanding Creative Analytics
How should I develop creative questions to understand what’s driving ad performance?
How should I develop creative questions to understand what’s driving ad performance?

Creative curiosity thought starters

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A major component of producing and distributing high-performing ad creative is understanding not only what you’re trying to achieve, but how you’re trying to achieve it.

Developing creative questions is a great place to start. See below for example creative questions you can answer using VidMob's creative Analytics technology.

Creative Curiosity: Key Visual Thought Starters

Human Presence


Visual Concept


  • Does celebrity or influencer presence add value to my creative?

  • Is performance better when onscreen talent’s gaze is looking at or away from the camera?

  • Do multi-talent visuals perform better than single-talent visuals?

  • Does diverse talent generate interest from my audience

  • Does my narrative resonate more when the on-screen talent’s emotion is happy or calm? Another emotion?

  • Does a human-focused story arc focused on the baby or the mother drive better performance?

  • Does my audience respond better to outdoor or indoor settings?

  • Does opening with a solid color background positively impact creative performance?

  • Does aligning with seasonality increase performance or should my creative visuals remain evergreen?

  • Does UGC or polished branded content drive better performance?

  • Does live-action footage or illustration resonate more with the audience?

  • Does my audience respond well to stickers, polls, and/or mimicking other familiar UX platform features within the creative?

  • How well does stop motion animation work for my assets?

  • Do lighter or darker color palettes increase performance?

  • Is there a particular visual that illustrates my product's ingredients that draws viewer's attention?

  • Does including seals from third-party credentials drive better performance (i.e. Allure Beauty Award)?

  • What is the best way to incorporate the logos of my e-comm partners into my creative to drive conversion?

Creative Curiosity: Messaging Thought Starters


Product/Brand Claims

Conversion-Focused Language


  • Is my narrative stronger when I open with the symptom/problem or the solution?

  • Does functional messaging or emotional messaging resonate most with my audience?

  • Do statement or question headlines drive performance?

  • Does a humorous tone resonate with my audience better than an expert tone?

  • We tried a narrative that involved a current social media trend – did it help or hurt performance?

  • How well do quantitative messages (i.e. “99% stronger”) work with my audience?

  • Which of my approved key claims performs best?

  • Should I include consumer testimonials/ratings & reviews or stick to branded messaging?

  • Do ingredient-focused claims resonate well with viewers?

  • How should “NEW” messaging be communicated within creative supporting a product launch?

  • What is the max number of messages I can include within a single ad?

  • What CTA message is best for a particular feature?

  • Where on the frame should the CTA be placed and at what point in the spot should it be introduced?

  • How does my audience respond to promotion-based messaging? Does specific promotional language resonate best (i.e. % Off, FREE, SALE, ONLY $10)

  • Does my creative perform better when it alludes to or calls out competitive brands?

  • Does music or voiceover add value to my creative? Are supers and/or subtitles (on-screen text) enough to communicate my message?

  • Should my voiceover match my supers or subtitles exactly?

  • Does a male or female voice resonate better with my audience?

  • Does a child, teen, or adult’s voice resonate better with my audience?

  • Does a voiceover accent from my own market perform better than a foreign accent?

Creative Curiosity: Branding & Duration Thought Starters

Branding: Logo

Branding: Product

Duration: General

Duration: Pacing

  • Does opening with a branded title card drive better performance than opening with my product?

  • Does having my logo consistently present throughout the creative increase KPI performance?

  • Does emphasizing my branding through certain colors, animation, or size and placement within the frame increase performance?

  • Does featuring my standalone

    logo and a product shot together

    help increase KPI performance?

  • Do beauty shots of the product or product application shots perform better?

  • For product application, is it better to include a wide angle and highlight the full person, or a zoomed-in shot of just the application and a single body part (i.e. hand)?

  • Does featuring a full product line (or product regimen) or a single product drive better performance?

  • Does my audience respond better to short or long narratives?

  • Am I better off telling a more detailed narrative or getting straight to the point?

  • What is the best way to adapt my :30 TV spot for social?

  • Do multiple scene changes or a single scene change in the first :03 have a greater impact?

  • Does heavy or light-weight animation (i.e. scene transitions or moving logo) perform better?

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