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How should I develop creative questions to understand what’s driving ad performance?
How should I develop creative questions to understand what’s driving ad performance?

Creative curiosity thought starters

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A major component of producing and distributing high-performing ad creative is understanding not only what you’re trying to achieve, but how you’re trying to achieve it.

Developing creative questions is a great place to start. See below for example creative questions you can answer using VidMob's creative Analytics technology.

Objects and People

  • Does human presence impact performance?

  • Which objects impact performance? Such as products, props, or background scenery

  • Does showcasing our product improve performance?

  • Do indoor or outdoor environments perform better?

Emotion and Gaze

  • Should talent look directly to camera?

  • Does positive emotion impact performance?

  • Which emotions are being communicated by our talent?


  • Which keywords improve performance?

  • Which CTAs should we use?

  • Does numerical messaging impact performance? Such as percentages, pricing, or data points.


  • Does opening with branding improve performance?

  • Which elements of branding are most impactful and when?


  • Do our brand colors impact performance?

  • Which colors are the most effective at improving performance?

  • Does a high or low color saturation work more effectively?

  • Does a warm or cool color temperature work more effectively?

  • Does a high or low text contrast work more effectively?


  • Which durations are the most effective?

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