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How do I use the Adobe After Effects Plugin as a Creator for Creative Studio?
How do I use the Adobe After Effects Plugin as a Creator for Creative Studio?
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The Adobe Plugin for Creative Studio enhances the capabilities for creators to access projects, upload drafts, and review essential criteria directly within their Creative Cloud environment. This helps to streamline the creative process by integrating project management and creative tools into a single platform.

Overview of the VidMob Adobe After Effects Plugin

First, you will need to set up the plug in. To do this, please do the following:

  • Download & install the ZXP Installer, which you can do here

  • Download the plugin file, which you can do here

  • Then drag the file into the ZXP Installer

  • Once you open After Effects, go to your Window tab and click on Extensions and select VidMob

Once you have the plugin downloaded and the VidMob extension opened in After Effects, you must have a VidMob Creative Studio (CS) account to log in. Make sure you have your account set up to access the full range of features. If you need help with your account, contact our support team to help set up your account.

Inside the plugin, you'll also find a Knowledge Center that links out to our existing help articles. Explore detailed information, FAQs, and tutorials to enhance your understanding of the plugin's functionalities.

Creative Studio Projects

Creators can access the Studio panel within the plugin to streamline their creative development process. Directly within Adobe After Effects, review the brief and assets of the project as well as adhere to the comprehensive studio criteria essential for your projects.

This integration allows you to consult Creative Sets/Outputs and generate outputs, which can be saved for future reference and shared with project managers. The criteria are dynamically updated within the plugin, ensuring that you always have access to the latest project requirements and guidelines, facilitating a more efficient and accurate creative process.

How to Use the VidMob Adobe Plug In

Step 1 - Choose your relevant workspace.

Initial Setup: Upon logging in, select your organization and workspace from the dropdown menus. You can change workspaces or log out using the organization/workspace switcher at any time.

Note: If you are not sure which workspace to select, reach out to the project owner. For more information about how Workspaces function, check out this Help Center article: How do Organizations and Workspaces function?

Navigating the Plugin:

  • Use the "Manage My Projects" tab to view the projects you are assigned to as a creator or creative director.

  • Projects can be filtered by status (active, completed) and viewed in either grid or list formats.

Step 2 - Review Project Details

Viewing Project Information:

Select a project to see detailed information including:

  • Brief Details: Objectives, Creative Goals, Target Audience, Key Messages, etc.

    • Insights: At the bottom of the brief tab, you will find relevant insights with descriptions and detailed information.

  • Creative Sets/Outputs: Information about each output, including channel and placement.

  • Assets: Direct links to download necessary assets.

Brief View

Asset View

Output View

Step 3 - Creating Drafts

Select an output to access the following:

Uploading Drafts:

  • Easily upload drafts directly to the project dashboard.

  • Once you upload your draft through the plugin, it is seamlessly sent to your creative team in Creative Studio for review.

  • Manage different versions of drafts, each with distinct statuses such as 'Internal Review', 'Client Review', 'Rejected', and 'Accepted'.

Utilize Scoring Criteria:

  • You can score assets based on channel criteria while working within the plugin, enhancing efficiency and adherence to creative expectations.

  • You will be able to review each draft and their score in the "Draft" overview tab

Once a draft is uploaded, a scoring analysis is automatically generated to evaluate the draft against predefined criteria. The results of this analysis are then added as a new entry under the "My Scoring Results/Projects" tab. To view this entry, simply scroll down and navigate to the right within the tab. This feature ensures that every submission is assessed consistently and provides valuable feedback for further refinements.

Handling Feedback:

  • View and respond to comments directly within the plugin.

  • See all drafts along with their current status to effectively manage revisions.

  • Your drafts will be viewable by the client within their project. Once you submit a draft using the plugin, the client will see the criteria against which your draft has been scored.

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