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Understand your role during onboarding
Understand your role during onboarding
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In order to get the most out of the next 60 days, it will be important to have a clear understanding around your role in platform, goals and expected outcomes.




Engaged In training and Onboarding. Responsible for leveraging platform as part of Core responsibilities.


Responsible for Socialization and adoption of VidMob. Is knowledgeable in the platform but not fully active.


Point of Contact within onboarding roster that is a champion of the platform that works closely with the Leaders and Practitioners to be engaged within adoption and success metrics.

The onboarding roster establishes Goals and Objectives for each role from AGENCY that will be included within onboarding. Your Program Manager will share out and walk through this roster, which your team will fill out accordingly.

Prior to kick off you’ve been assigned a level and included on our Onboarding Roster (details below) The levels below should connect to your individual role and responsibilities as part of the AGENCY team. Please take a moment to confirm you’ve been assigned to the correct level prior to kick off.

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