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What is the methodology for Scoring?
What is the methodology for Scoring?

Learn more about Creative Scoring's methodology

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Creative scoring allows clients to set up scoring rules for their brands and submit media for PASS/FAIL scoring against those rules.

Step 1: A client runs one of the two report types

In-Flight: A sub-selection of ad account media scored against a partner's set criteria/rules

Pre-Flight: Media loaded directly from a user scored against a partner's set criteria/rules

Step 2: Content Recognition (Computer Vision)

Content recognition analyzes each media item (statics, videos and GIFs) in the batch and tags various elements (logo detected at X, audio beats per minute, etc.) that are the inputs to the scoring functions. AWS, Google, and custom SageMaker models are leveraged to identify elements within a media item

Step 3: Content Audit Scoring Function

Once all steps of the content recognition phase has completed, the media is sent to the content audit scoring function where PASS/FAIL scores are automatically assigned and saved to the database and are available to view by any individual who is a member of the workspace within an hour

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