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Creative Analytics Frequently Asked Questions
Creative Analytics Frequently Asked Questions

Find out what are the most frequently asked questions and doubts about Creative Analytics

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Which Browsers are supported by the Creative Analytics?

The supported browsers are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

What languages are supported in Creative Analytics?

Creative Analytics supports on-screen text detection for the following languages:

  • English

  • Spanish

  • German

  • French

  • Portuguese

  • Russian

  • Arabic

  • Italian

Why do we not see the first 2 seconds of data in the Viewer Percentage graph?

We start receiving data after the first 25% of the video, which is when we’re able to start populating the graph. We assume 100% Viewership at the beginning of the video.

How many tags are included per video?

Each “frame” is tagged, and there are 5 frames per second.

How far back can you pull data to analyze?

Once an ad account is connected, you can review up to 13 months worth of historical data.

Can I look at custom audiences?

For privacy reasons, platforms that offer custom audiences or hyper-targeting do not pass that information to platform partners via their API except for Facebook.

However, because Creative Analytics allows you create custom groups of your ads, you can create your own custom groupings of different audiences in Creative Manager to see how different audiences are performing.

Facebook Custom Audience:

  • Custom audiences are available to include or exclude in analyses for paid Facebook accounts where there is custom audience data.

  • To view custom audience data, go to Creative Analytics Comparison Reports, select the appropriate ad account, and then navigate to the Audience tab.

  • In the Audience tab, you’ll see a “Custom” audience selection option in the drop-down menu. Choose a specific custom audience, and the corresponding column will aggregate ad set data based on your selection. Hovering over the column header displays all custom audiences available to select.

  • Only one custom audience can be selected per column.

  • Please note, the data Facebook provides on audiences is aggregated based on the related ad set the custom audience is associated to.

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