A major component of producing and distributing high-performing ad creative is understanding not only what you’re trying to achieve, but how you’re trying to achieve it.

Developing creative questions is a great place to start. Below is a list of example creative questions to help inspire your own:

  • Should I open my creative with a person or product?

  • Which corner is most effective to place my logo?

  • Should I use an intro card with my brand's logo or include it in an outro card?

  • When a person is on screen, should they be looking directly at the camera?

  • Should I show my product in use or in packaging?

  • Should I use a voiceover or music? Or both?

  • Should I only show one person throughout creative or multiple?

  • Should I highlight the logo on the product or separately?

  • What text contrast is most effective for my brand?

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