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What to expect when you start Onboarding with VidMob
What to expect when you start Onboarding with VidMob
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This will help illustrate an example onboarding path to help your team deliver proof of concept for your client by showing the platform in action.

In the next 60 days, your team will have access to:

  • Creative Scoring & Creative Analytics

  • 3-4 hours of onboarding consultancy time to help with
    score interpretation and implications

  • VidMob Genius and Intelligent Analyst Certifications

Your team will conclude the trial period with a(n):

  • Creative Creative Scoring Analysis

  • In-flight campaign analysis

  • Learning Map

  • Post campaign analysis

Note: VidMob will also provide a workspace for your team to run Creative Scoring (pre-flight) to showcase the application of the tool for new business purposes and consult on how you can incorporate VidMob into your GTM.

Take a look at the onboarding process

Step 1 - Getting Started

  • Kick Off Call

  • Connect Ad Accounts

  • Review Onboarding Goals

Step 2 - Build Momentum

  • Review Creative Scoring Reports

  • Build & Finalize Creative Hypotheses

  • Create a framework to report on VidMob Insights

Step 3 - Implement, Learn, Report

  • Create Insights from Creative Hypotheses

  • Implement Insights into Creative

  • Run a Test & Learn

  • Review of Key Data/Insights

Step 4 - Showcase Results & Findings

  • Finalize Client Reporting output

  • Fine Tune Results and Themes

Onboarding Support

  • Live Workshop Sessions

  • VidMb Chat Support


Note: Test & Learn Campaigns have a minimum duration of 2 weeks of being live in Market. Onboarding Week 3 to Week 4 includes a 2 Week pause to allow for creative data to become stat sig for Agency analysis

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