How do I connect my Reddit Ad Account?

Below are the necessary steps to connect a Reddit Ad Account.

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To successfully connect, the user connecting the ad account must be directly associated with the Reddit account.

Note: please be sure the email address with the below permissions is the same email address you use to access the VidMob platform.

Ad Account Connection

Step 1: Sign in to VidMob

Step 2: Go to "Quick Links" > "Integrations" > click on "Reddit" platform card

  • The Reddit card should be used when looking to connect any Reddit Ad Accounts.

Step 3: Head to the 'Manage Accounts' tab and click 'Connect'. A new window will pop up from Reddit. Please click 'Allow' to start the authorization flow.

Step 4: Your ad account(s) are now connected!

Please note: If you create or are added to a new ad account after your initial connecting with VidMob, you can click on 'Add new account' and it will populate the new accounts in the integration.

Step 5: A green check mark under 'Status' will indicate a successful connection. If you do not see this green check mark, you can request a reconnection by clicking on the two arrows forming a circle.

Don’t forget to click Save!

Ad Account Connection Troubleshooting

  • If you require more visibility into the Reddit account you are trying to log into and want to verify that you are connecting to the correct account, you can expand the below screen and click "logout".

  • Once logged out, you will be taken to this page on Reddit allowing you to log into the Reddit account you are looking for.

  • After you have logged in successfully, you should close the blow window and re-attempt the connection process from above.

Disconnecting Ad Account

To disconnect an ad account, press the "Disconnect" button (circle with hash on the right side) provided on the account's card.

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