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What is Creative Scoring?
What is Creative Scoring?

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Creative Scoring helps ensure your creative performance consistently aligns with channel and brand best practices.

Creative Scoring also provides benefits; such as:

Automatic creative scoring

Instantly see how well your historic and in-flight creative aligns with brand guidelines, mandatory attributes, and platform best practices, and check assets before they even go live.

Optimize your brand book for performance

Drive brand lift and ROI with creative insights that connect the dots between your brand and performance best practices.

Go where it matters most

Get your creative teams the data they need to make better, faster decisions to maximize campaign ROI. Ensure you’re investing ad dollars behind the best-built creative.

Get all your creative teams on the same page

Connect everyone—from agencies and channel partners to e-comm and brand teams—on one platform integrated into your existing workflow. Clear data. Fewer meetings.

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