PART 1: Create and Submit a VidMob Creator Profile

  • Please go to the VidMob Creator Suite:

    • Select “Sign Up”

  • Fill in all fields on this page

    • Select your country from the dropdown before entering your phone number. This will automatically add the country code.

    • For your location, be specific to the city. Select the correct option from the dropdown.

Note: We suggest enabling Two-Step Verification to better secure your account, but please note this is tied to your phone. If you get a new phone, turn off two step verification, and re-enable it afterwards with your new device.

  • Tell us what you do

    • Select any skills that apply to you, this will request the badge for that skill. The VidMob platform uses badges to better match you with projects.

  • Tell us which programs you are proficient in

  • Tell us which languages you speak

    • There are Fluent and Secondary options for each language.

    • Fluent means you feel comfortable copywriting and/or recutting narrative footage in that language.

    • Secondary means you can communicate to other stakeholders in that language.

  • Share work examples

    • Please provide a link to your portfolio site in the first field “Website”. The VidMob team will be able to reference this, and better match you with relevant projects.

    • Please upload a few examples of past work, preferable social ad examples. You must upload at least one asset. Once an asset is uploaded, the “Submit Application” button will become clickable.

  • After submitting your account, you will see a “Thank You” screen. Please get back in touch with your VidMob point of contact, and tell them your account was submitted. They will activate your account.

PART 2: Finalize your Active VidMob Account

  • You’ll receive an email when your account is activated.

  • Return to the VidMob Platform (you may need to login), you will now have access to the general platform dashboard.

  • Go to “Profile”, you will be greeted with a product tour to finalize your account setup. It will guide you through the Profile, Payment, and Availability sections.

  • Let your VidMob point of contact know that your account setup is complete. You will now be able to receive VidMob project requests!

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