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How do I create a Creator account on VidMob?
How do I create a Creator account on VidMob?

Step-by-step how to create a creator account on VidMob

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Create and Submit a VidMob Creator Profile

Please go to the VidMob Creator Suite:

Click on “Sign Up”.

Fill in all fields on this page: First Name, Last Name, Email, Mobile Phone, City, State & Country, Password, Enable Two-Step Verification.

When you are done click "Sign Up".

Note: We suggest enabling Two-Step Verification to better secure your account, but please note this is tied to your phone. If you get a new phone, turn off two step verification, and re-enable it afterwards with your new device.

The next step is to tell us what you do. So, select any skills that apply to you, this will request the badge for that skill. The VidMob platform uses badges to better match you with projects.

After selecting click the "Next" button.

Now tell us which programs you are proficient in and then click the "Next" button.

Tell us which languages you speak. There are Fluent and Secondary options for each language.

  • Fluent means you feel comfortable copywriting and/or recutting narrative footage in that language.

  • Secondary means you can communicate to other stakeholders in that language.

When you are done click "Next".

Finally, upload a photo of yourself and share work examples.

Please provide a link to your portfolio site in the first field “Website”. The VidMob team will be able to reference this, and better match you with relevant projects.

Upload a few examples of past work, preferable social ad examples. You must upload at least one asset.

Once an asset is uploaded, the “Submit Application” button will become clickable.

After submitting your account, you will see a “Thank You” screen. Please get back in touch with your VidMob point of contact, and tell them your account was submitted. They will activate your account.

Finalize your Active VidMob Account

You’ll receive an email when your account is activated.

Return to the (you may need to login), you will now have access to the general platform dashboard.

Go to “Profile”, you will be greeted with a product tour to finalize your account setup. It will guide you through the Profile, Payment, and Availability sections.

If you prefer you can also see the article to learn more about how to configure your Profile: "How do I set up my VidMob Creator Profile?"

Let your VidMob point of contact know that your account setup is complete. You will now be able to receive VidMob project requests!

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