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How do I connect my Pinterest Ad Account?
How do I connect my Pinterest Ad Account?

All you need to know about how to connect a Pinterest Ad Account

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Important: Please ensure you are in the correct Organization/Workspace before starting the connection process. For more information on how to do this, please check out this Help Center article: How do I switch between my Organizations & Workspaces?

To successfully connect, the user connecting the ad account must have at least one of the following roles: (Please be sure the email address with the below permissions is the same email address you use to access Creative Studio.)

  1. Admin

  2. Campaign

  3. Analyst

Step 1: Sign in to VidMob - Creative Studio

Step 2: Go to "Quick Links" > "Integrations" > click on "Pinterest" platform card

Step 3: Sign into your Pinterest account connected to the ad accounts you wish to connect

  • Connect to Pinterest by clicking “Sign In”.

  • Enter your Pinterest account details.

  • Click “Give Access” to grant VidMob permission to manage your campaigns.

Step 4: Go to Manage Accounts tab

  • Identify the ad accounts that you would like connected to Creative Analytics by selecting the checkboxes and clicking “Save”.

Note: Don’t forget to click Save!

To disconnect an ad account, press the "Disconnect" button provided on the account's card.

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