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How do I connect my TikTok Ad Account?
How do I connect my TikTok Ad Account?

All you need to know about how to connect a TikTok Ad Account

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Important: Please ensure you are in the correct Organization/Workspace before starting the connection process. For more information on how to do this, please check out this Help Center article: How do I switch between my Organizations & Workspaces?

To successfully connect, the user connecting the ad account must have at least one of the following roles. (Please be sure the email address with the below permissions is the same email address you use to access Creative Studio.)

  1. Admin

  2. Operator

  3. Analyst

Step 1: Sign in to VidMob

Step 2: Go to "Quick Links" > "Integrations" > click on "TikTok" platform card

The TikTok card should be used when looking to connect any TikTok Ad Accounts.

How do I connect?

  • Connect to TikTok by clicking “Sign In”.

  • Enter your TikTok account details and click “Log In”.

  • Confirm which business account you’d like to connect to Creative Analytics. All ad accounts within a business account will be available to import. All ad account access option settings should be selected to allow VidMob to properly connect your accounts. Deselecting any options will prohibit connection. You can disconnect all accounts at any point.

  • Select the checkbox next to “Click to Agree to the Platform Service Agreement” and click “Confirm”.

  • Under the “Manage Accounts” tab, identify the ad accounts that you would like connected to Creative Analytics by selecting the checkboxes and clicking “Save”.

Note: Don’t forget to click Save!

To disconnect an ad account, press the "Disconnect" button provided on the account's card.

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