To successfully connect, the user connecting the ad account must have at least one of the following roles: (Please be sure the email address with the below permissions is the same email address you use to access Creative Studio.)

  1. Analyst

  2. Admin (for more complex ad account structures)

  3. Business Manager Admin (if using any custom audiences)

Please note you will see Organic Pages first before selecting Ad Accounts.

Step 1: Sign in to VidMob - Creative Studio

Step 2: Go to Profile > Integrations > click on Facebook platform card

  • The Facebook card should be used when looking to connect any Facebook/Instagram Ad Accounts or Facebook/Instagram Pages.

Pro Tip: All paid media accounts will be listed under the "Ad Account" headline. Facebook and Instagram accounts will all show under Ad Accounts heading.

All organic media accounts will be listed under the "Pages" headline. Facebook and Instagram will each be broken out as their own sections.

Step 3: Sign into the platform and complete the authorization flow

  • First screen: Organic Instagram Pages

    • Connect any relevant “Instagram Business Accounts” which is what Facebook refers to as organic Instagram pages.

  • Second screen: Organic Facebook Pages

    • Connect any relevant Facebook Pages, which reflect any organic Facebook pages the client has access to.

Pro Tip: Even if you are only concerned with paid media, connecting any relevant brand Pages is important to being able to pull in all creatives (sometimes creatives are posted on Pages first, prior to having spend allocated to it in an ad account).

  • Third screen: Permissions

    • This will show all permissions that VidMob requests to be able to successfully import the creatives and the performance metrics. VidMob highly recommends that clients do not change or toggle off any of the settings on this screen.

  • Lastly: Select your Paid Ad Accounts and review Organic Pages

    • After going through the previous screens, the pop up will close and you will land back on the Integrations page on the “Manage Access” tab.

    • Toggle to the “Manage Ad Accounts & Pages” tab to see all Ad Accounts & Pages you have access to.

    • Here, you can select any Ad Accounts and review Pages that need to be connected.

Don’t forget to click Save!

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