The brief serves as our project North Star. It will help guide both the VidMob and Creative team to ensure we meet the project expectations.

Please fill out the various prompts within the brief. You can upload supporting files where applicable as well.

If you already have a brief completed, you can also upload it directly.

The brief should feel lightweight and quick, but it is important to fill out the following fields:

  • Key Message: What key message are you trying to convey to the viewer?

    • Example: Brand "X" uses all-natural ingredients that facilitate healthier, softer skin

  • Business Challenge: What business challenge are you trying to solve with the above key message?

    • Example: Generic brands are taking more of our market share due to their lower price point. It's important for us to make sure that consumers are aware of our high-quality natural ingredients

  • Call-to-Action: What action do you want your viewers to take? Please include any specific CTA language.

    • Example: Encourage in-store purchase. "Do what's best for your skin" is our tagline for this campaign.

  • KPIs: How are you measuring success?

  • Mandatories: Are there any creative or legal mandatories you’d like us to keep in mind on this project? Please include specific Do’s and Don’ts.

    • Example: Always include our tagline "Do what's best for your skin" alongside our full logo lockup. Do not use any language or imagery that implies a guarantee around improving quality of skin. No before/afters.

Once you have completed the brief, it is time to upload your assets!

Check out this article to learn how to add assets to your VidMob Project.

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