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How does VidMob’s Payout Process Work?
How does VidMob’s Payout Process Work?

All about how to get paid for your work as a VidMob creator

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We have designed our payout system to maximize visibility into your VidMob finances while also automating how payments are processed.

Note: In order to receive payments for projects you have to have a PayPal account.

PayPal Account

The first step is for you to add your PayPal account to your VidMob creator account. To do this you need to click on the "Payment" button on the left side menu. Enter your email address, registered in your PayPal account, in the "PayPal Account" field and then click the "Save" button.

Receiving a Payout

The next step is for you to select how you want to receive your payment in the "Payment Schedule" section.

You can choose between:

  • The 1st and 15th of each month

  • The 1st of each month

Note: Payments take 2-4 weeks to process before showing up in your PayPal account.

Payments are automatically initiated once or twice per month and these payments are drawn from "Your Balance".

Note: Please note that each payment is capped at $10K due to regulations on PayPal’s side.

Once a payment is initiated, it is moved to the “Payment History” section. This section lists all payments that are processing and completed.

Payments in the “Payment History” section are itemized. Within each payment, you’ll see the associated projects, and the dollar amounts attached to each.

Sometimes partial payouts are issued before the project is closed, so the full payout for a project could be split across multiple payments.

Auditing Payments

Please also take note of the date filter tool, highlighted below. You will only see payments in the selected time period.

Use this tool to find payments from different periods. For instance, if you’re issued a partial payout for a project in December 2021, and the project closes in 2022, the two payouts for this project will be split across payments in different calendar years, and thus you will need to use the filter tool to locate both.

Closing a Project

Payouts are connected to your projects and are released to your balance when projects are both completed and closed.

  1. A project is completed when all outputs are accepted as final.

    • All completed projects sit in the Complete section.

  2. A project is closed once final action items are done. This includes the creator of the final deliverable uploading their project files, and each creator submitting a survey on the amount of time spent.

    • Refer to project Status in the Complete section. A project with the green “Closed” status is all set, the payout for that project is already in Your Balance.

    • A red status will be labeled with the action item needed in order to close.

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