How do I use the Manual Feed Update?
Understand how to use the Manual Feed Update
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You have the ability to manually control data requests in real-time. This will help speed up the update process of each feed as well as the process of setting up a new feed.

To use the Manual Feed Update, click on the "Enriched Feed" button in the left-hand menu of your browser, and then select the feed you want.

Note: Please note the number of creatives that already exist to help track the changes when you add new creatives manually. Also, please confirm if your Enriched Feed spreadsheet is already connected to a Google spreadsheet.

Navigate to your spreadsheet corresponding to the feed in Google Spreadsheet, and add as many rows of creatives as you want. Each row corresponds to a new creative generated for the feed.

Note: The first row of the spreadsheet, the header, does not count as a creative.

After changing your spreadsheet, navigate back to the Enriched Feed platform. Click on the three-dot button of the Feed you are changing and select the "Manual Feed Update" option.

Note: When the platform has finished processing, check to see if the number of creatives in the "Current Size" column has changed as well.

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