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Enriched Feed
How do I navigate the Enriched Feeds tab?
How do I navigate the Enriched Feeds tab?
Discover how to navigate the Enriched Feeds tab
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Select the "Enriched Feeds" tab from the side menu of the Creative Automation platform.

On this page, you can check the status of your account, including the number of registered feeds, the total number of items in the catalog, and any generated variations. By pressing the button "+ New Feed" in the lower right corner, you can register a new feed.

Selecting the "three-dot menu" in the lower-right corner will expand the menu for your registered feed. You can edit it and copy the input URL and output URL. For the input URL, you can copy/paste it into your browser and receive the spreadsheet that was used to register your feed. For the output URL, you can copy/paste it into your browser to see the spreadsheet that contains your enriched feed.

You can also copy the output URL by selecting the URL in the gray box in the row that displays the feed title.

Selecting "Edit Feed" will take you to the edit page. In the first field, you can edit the name of your feed and define whether the status should be activated or deactivated.

In this field, you can edit the channel your feed was registered to and the number of items that must be generated. The value must be between 10,000 and 100,000 and rounded to the nearest 1,000 (for example: 11,000; 15,000; 80,000).

On the next screen, you can edit the column that will contain the file URLs. You can either select an existing column or create a new column.

In the "Schedule" field, you can edit the update frequency of your feed.

In the "Danger Zone" field, you can completely delete your feed from the platform.

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