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Enriched Feed
How do I register a feed for enriched feed?
How do I register a feed for enriched feed?
Discover how to register your Feed on the platform
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Select the "Enriched Feeds" tab from the left-side menu of the Creative Automation platform.

Press the "+ New Feed" button in the lower right corner.

On the next page, select the channel you wish to build your enriched feed for. In the upper left corner, you can edit the name of your feed.

Note: Facebook Ads accepts spreadsheets in .XML and .CSV. Custom feeds only accept .CSV files.

Next, indicate the number of files. The value must be between 10,000 and 100,000 and rounded to the nearest 1,000 (for example: 11,000; 15,000; 80,000)

In the first field, you will paste the public link to your feed and select validate.

In the second field, you will select the column that contains the SKU code for your items.

Next, select the appropriate template for your feed.

Match the fields with the template variables and the respective columns of your feed.

For text variables, you can use the text formatting option to program text edits that will then be reflected in the generated file.

Select "add rule" to add a change, and then hit "replace" to see all available options.

For example, if you select "add" you can program text that will be inserted at the beginning or end of the spreadsheet cells.

On this page, you will be able to preview the files. Hover your mouse over the preview to view in full screen or download the file.

Next, specify which columns should display the links to the files generated on the platform. You can either select an existing column or click on "Create new destinations column" to insert this information into a new column.

In the last step, you can configure the update frequency of your feed. After selecting, press "Create", and your feed will be updated according to the chosen frequency.

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