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How do I use Chat inside projects in the Creator Suite?
How do I use Chat inside projects in the Creator Suite?

Find out how to use the Creator Suite Chat

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The chat is located on the right side of the Creator Suite window and it is always visible on any page.

You can access the chat of the project you want by selecting it from the chat or by going to the Active Projects page and selecting the project you want to start the chat.

The VidMob Chat

The VidMob Chat is the internal chat, it includes just VidMob internal team members and VidMob creators. This is your safe space to discuss all project details and questions. This is where most of the internal project collaboration happens.

The Client Chat

The Client Chat includes all stakeholders on the project, including all clients attached to the project. This chat is mainly used by VidMob PMs/Producers to notify clients on project updates.

Note: Internal project communication should NOT be posted in the client chat. Please be cognizant of which chat is open.

Generally, as a VidMob creator, you will not often post in the Client Chat, the VidMob PM/Producer will handle most of this communication.

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