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How do I download assets from VidMob's Stock Library?
How do I download assets from VidMob's Stock Library?

Find out how to use VidMob's Stock Library of assets

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VidMob has a Stock Library of assets that you can use. To access it is very easy. Click on the "Active" button in the left-hand menu, then select the project you will be working on.

Now click on the "Assets" tab and then select the "Stock Banner".

You can search for a wide variety of media: Footage, Audio, Sound Effects, Templates, Photos, Illustrations, Vectors, Motion Backgrounds.

After searching you can filter by: Duration, FPS, Library, License, Quality, Client Cost, Price, Providers.

Once you find a stock item you’d like to use, click on its thumbnail, select the resolution (1080 is usually fine so long as the project is a social mobile ad), and press "save item".

If an item is successfully saved, you’ll see this reflected in the “Item Saved” banner

To find the stock preview, leave the stock library and return to the "Assets" Tab. Select the "Stock Assets" folder.

Select the “Preview” folder.

You will find the previewed version of the stock asset, which you can download and use in the project. We usually use watermarked stock assets on first client drafts.

Once the client approves the stock asset, the Internal VidMob team will purchase the stock asset. Purchased stock assets will appear in the "Purchased" folder.

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