First you must forward a public URL to your feed previously validated by Meta (see how to validate your feed here This validation will ensure that your feed complies with the specifications of the Facebook platform catalog for your industry (e.g., real estate, e-commerce, auto).

Note: Along with the feed, you must forward a screenshot of the validation success screen on the Meta platform to the PM responsible for the project.

In addition to these materials, you must fill out the creative project "brief" section in Vidmob's Creative Studio and upload all necessary assets for the template creation, such as the brand book, font files, logo, etc. Creators will develop your template based on this information.

Once the template is approved, it will be installed and tested on the Creative Automation platform. Then, your PM will register the feed (input link) on the creative automation platform according to the contracted specifications (number of pieces produced, type of catalog, update frequency, etc.), and the platform will generate the output link, which you will receive to configure your catalog on the Meta platform.

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