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What type of skills does VidMob's Creative Network have?
What type of skills does VidMob's Creative Network have?

See which skills are part of the Creative Network.

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VidMob's Creative Network offers over 100 skill options for creating ads:


360 Video, 3D Animation, 3D Modeling, 3D Positional Audio, 3D Product Replica, 8th Wall, ADR, AR, After Effects, Amazon, Animated GIFs, Animation, Art Direction, Artist, Audio Ads, Audio Composition, Avid, Blender, CGI, Character Aniamtion, Character Design, Cinema 4D, Cinemagraphs, Color Correction, Compositing, Content Creation, Copywriting, Creative Director, Display (Animated Banners), Documentary Editing, Editorial, Explainer Video, FB/IG, Facebook Watch, Figma, Final Cut Pro, Gamification, Google Ads, Google Swirl, Graphic Design, Hulu, IGTV, Illustrator, Illustration, InDesign, Instagram Stories, Instant Experience, Interactivity: Object Recognition, Kinectic Typography, Kinectic Typography Design, Lightship, Linkedin, ML Interaction, Maya, Meta Blueprint: Spark AR, Meta Carousel, Motion Design, Motion Graphics, Music Composition, Narrative Editing, Nuke, OOH, Oversight, Parallax, Pinterest, Photoshop, Playable Ads, Premiere, RTL Capabilities, Reddit Promoted Video, Reels, Resolve, Retouching, Rich Media Banner, Rigging, Rotoscope, Scriptwriting, Sizzle Reel, Sketch, Snap Ads, Snap Lens Studio, Snapchat, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Spark AR, Stock Music Curator, Stop Motion, TikTok Effect House, TikTok Video, Title Design, Twitter, Type Setting, UGC: Photography, UGC: Actor, UGC: Athlete, UGC: Baking, UGC: Branded Effects, UGC: Camera Facing, UGC: Challenge, UGC: Co-Creation/Duets, UGC: Coach, UGC: Comedian, UGC: Compilation, UGC: Cooking, UGC: DIY, UGC: DIYer, UGC: Decorator, UGC: Designer, UGC: GRWM, UGC: Gamer, UGC: Gardening, UGC: Green Screen, UGC: Hacks, UGC: Interviews, UGC: Makeup Artist, UGC: Model, UGC: Musician, UGC: Performance, UGC: Planner, UGC: Product Showcase: Testimonials/Reviews, UGC: Product Showcase: Try On/ Testing, UGC: Product Showcase: Unboxing, UGC: Singer, UGC: Skit/Storyline, UGC: Stop Motion Filming, UGC: Stylist/Fashionista, UGC: Trainer, UGC: Transitions, UGC: Traveler, UGC: Tutorials/How To’s, UGC: Vlogger, UGC: Voiceover Narrative, UI/UX Design, Unity, Unreal, VFX, VR, Voiceover, Workshop, Youtube.

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