What is creator matching?

Understand what creator matching is.

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VidMob matches each project with the most qualified creator available through a process called creator matching. No matter your needs, your project will be paired with a creator who has the perfect skillset for your project.

Vetted by area of expertise

Creators are reviewed and then badged based on their unique experience, such as:

  • Industry, like pharmaceutical or automotive.

  • Channel, such as Meta, Snap, and YouTube.

Badged by skill set

Members of the Creative Network include creative directors, animators, motion designers, typographers, sound mixers, AR creators, voiceover artists, user-generated content creators, and more.

Delivered at speed and scale

You may be used to working with an in-house team. But now, with the Creative Network at your fingertips, you have access to global talent who knows what you need and can deliver at scale.

Diversity of talent = diversity of ideas

With so many different backgrounds, languages, skill sets, and experiences, the people who make up the VidMob Creative Network are incredibly diverse.

VidMob knows that diversity of talent leads to diversity of ideas, so brands can trust that they will receive one-of-a-kind creative from real people who understand their brand.

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