Here's a list of the English calls-to-action VidMob will detect, if they're shown on screen:


act now

add to cart

add to your

apply now

apply today

be sure to

book an appointment

book now

book today

buy and save

buy at

buy now

buy tickets

buy today

call now

call today

call us

check our

check this out

choose your

click below

click button

click for more

click here

click the link

come see our prices

compare prices

contact us


donate at

donate now

donate today

don't forget to


download now

download the app

download today

download your

enter to win

find items

find savings

find your

find yours

follow this


get started

get your

give a gift

give now

give today

go online

go premium

go to

grab your


join free

join now

join today

join us

learn more

learn to

let me know

let us know


need more

order a

order at

order now

order today

order your

pay less

pick your

pre-order now

qet a quote

read reviews


register now

register today

request a

request your

reserve your

respond by

rush today

save big

save money

save on

save your seat

schedule now

schedule today

search for

search now

search our

see deals

see how

see more

see our

see pricing

shop at

shop low prices

shop now

shop the lookbook

shop today

sign up

start now

start today

start your

stock up



subscribe now

subscribe today

swipe up

take a tour

tour our

try a

try at

try for free

try free

try now

try on

view all products

view features

view more


visit our

visit us

volunteer now

volunteer today

watch for

watch now

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