What is the Analytics Dashboard?

Discover VidMob's Dashboard

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The dashboard is the homepage for Creative Studio and allows you to understand which creative elements are impacting your ad performance (positively or negatively). The different widgets on the dashboard allow you to check your campaign performance, compare your brand to benchmarks, and understand cross-platform differences.

To use the dashboard to its fullest, be sure to connect your ad accounts.

The dashboard has three main sections: My Dashboard, Account Overview, and Campaign Overview.

My Dashboard: Here you can understand how your creative performs across all of your connected platforms, including a place to see all your creative insights in one place.

Account Overview: View & compare your ad account media distribution across various categories such as ad placement, ad objective, format, and media type. Understand creative performance compared to others on the platform, in the industry, or within the lifetime of your ad account.

Campaign Overview Section: This section provides the ability to track the performance of your most recent campaigns and how well the creatives in that campaign are stacking up to platform best practices.

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