Please note that The Executive Dashboard is limited to admin users only.

The Creative Scoring Executive Dashboard is a new tab within Creative Scoring for admin users to easily visualize scores across multiple markets, platforms, and companies. Admins will be able to see usage metrics as well as criteria adherence trends over time.

How to use the Executive Dashboard:

Ability to filter dashboard data

  • You can filter by date, channel, flight location, company

    • Date:

      • Filters by the date the reports were created

    • Channel (e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Google Ads):

      • This is based on the channel that's associated with the report

        • For inflight reports, this is the channel that is related to the ad account

        • For pre-flight reports, this is the channel(s) that is designated during report creation

    • Location:

      • Filters based on the location that is designated during report creation

    • Companies:

      • Filters based on the Creative Scoring accounts you have admin access to

Ability to view usage metrics

  • Total creative scored

    • Creative broken down by preflight vs. inflight

  • Total Reports Scored

Ability to view Compliance trends

  • View total criteria adherence % over time

  • Filter this view by company, channel, location, and date

Ability to view location compliance

  • Sort by highest and lowest performing locations

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