The Brief

The project brief can be found in the Brief tab. Either as a downloadable document at the top of the page, or filled into the below form


Additional project information can be found in the Notes tab.

Downloading Assets

Client assets can be downloaded from the Assets tab.

Select “Download All”. If the assets have not been zipped, you’ll see the below screen. We recommend selecting “Single Zip File” as this maintains the client’s original folder structure

You’ll receive an email when the assets have finished zipping. Return to the Assets tab and select “Download All”, you’ll now see .zip’s to download.

Sourcing Stock Media

Stock Media can also be sourced from the Assets tab, select the Stock Banner

You can search for a wide variety of media.

After searching you can filter by duration, price, providers, and more!

Once you find a stock item you’d like to use, click on its thumbnail, select the resolution (1080 is usually fine so long as the project is a social mobile ad), and press save item.

If an item is successfully saved, you’ll see this reflected in the “Item Saved” banner

To find the stock preview, leave the stock library and return to the Assets Tab. Select the “Stock Assets” folder.

Select the “Preview” folder.

You will find the previewed version of the stock asset, which you can download and use in the project. We usually use watermarked stock assets on first client drafts.

Once the client approves the stock asset, the Internal VidMob team will purchase the stock asset. Purchased stock assets will appear in the “Purchased” folder.


  • Files can be shared via the Project Files tab.

  • Find the folder with your name, and upload files there. Other creators on the project can access and download from this folder.

  • This is also where a motion artist could package up and send their After Effects work if another artist is finishing the project.

Draft Uploads

  • You can submit drafts within the Outputs tab. To upload:

    • Locate the output you’d like to upload to and press the cloud icon in the top right corner

    • Or press the upload button in the top right corner of the page

  • You’ll then be brought to the upload window. You can collapse and expand output buckets with the arrows on the right hand side.

  • Click the “Add new draft” button to upload a video draft to the correct bucket.

Chat Functions

On the right hand side of the project window, you’ll see the chat function. We have two chats.

For your purposes, please ignore the VidMob chat and just use the Client Chat.

The Client Chat includes all stakeholders on the project, including all clients attached to the project. This chat can be used to communicate directly with your team.

Final File Uploads

A project closes when all assets are accepted as final by the team. The last step is for the motion designer / editor to upload the project files of the final edits.

Please go to the Project Files tab, and select the “Final Files” folder. Upload a .zip of all files properly packaged. This .zip should include the Adobe project file (likely an .aep) and any reference files used in the execution.

Anyone should be able to download this .zip, open it up on their own computer, and get back to editing.

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