VidMob Profile

Personal Section

Once your VidMob account is approved, please go to the profile tab and make sure all information is correct. Please be sure to:

  • Upload a photo of yourself (we love seeing the person behind the profile!)

  • Your full name

  • Location (down to the city)

  • Email

  • Phone number

  • The intro video is optional

Portfolio Section

Please upload a few awesome examples of prior work, preferably social ad examples. If you are a motion designer, please upload a motion reel.

Settings Section

This is where you can enable 2-Step Verification to better secure your account, adjust email notifications, change your password, and sign out.

Working on VidMob Projects

Active Projects

The Active tab shows all Active Projects you are attached to. Click on any active project to enter. Here is a guide.

Completed Projects

The Complete tab shows all closed projects, along with their final files

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