To get started, make sure that you and your teammates are set up on VidMob's platform first. To invite other stakeholders to your company account and projects, follow these instructions here.

Inviting your talent

Inviting your talent to your company account and project is the same process as inviting other stakeholders. You will see that in VidMob's platform, we refer to creative talent as 'creators'.

Company Account Invite

First, navigate to your 'Company Account' and hit the 'Invite' button. From there, you can add their email and select the 'Creator' role in the drop-down. To invite multiple creators, use commas to separate each email.

Project Invite

Once your creator is set up on your company account, it is now time to invite them to your project. You can either invite them as you are setting up your project or after.

To invite your creator as you are creating your project, the second step allows you to invite your project team. You will see your creator's name already populated from your company account.

Hit 'Invite' and they will be added to your project.

If you would rather invite your creator after your project is created, navigate to the 'Project Team' tab and click 'Invite'.

You will see their names in the invite pop-up. Simply click the blue invite button and they will be added to your project.

Once you kick off the project, your talent will see it in their Creator Suite and can get started. Below are some additional resources you can send to your creator when they are getting set up on the platform:

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