To successfully install the template from Image Plugin, follow the below steps:

1 - Never use a template inside an Artboard.

2 - Do not put Layers inside Folders.

3 - Transform all Text Layers into Paragraph Text Type.

4 - Never use any Blend Mode on Layers. If you need to use them, don’t forget to rasterize them before using the plugin.

5 - The Vidmob Template Builder Plugin recognizes just files with “.psd” extension which includes: text layers, image layers and shape layers only.

6 - Be aware of the use of special characters or symbols in the filenames (Ç^˜etc...). This includes layer name, variable name, and folder name in the file path.


To ensure the template is installed successfully, follow these requirements:

1 - You must be using the English version of Adobe After Effects.

2 - Make sure you have your template editable file in the ".aep" extension with isolated layers that will become variables (dynamic content).

3 - The dynamic content of an image must have the extension ".png".

4 - You must convert all dynamic text content to paragraph text style.

5 - Never use special characters or symbols in file names (Ç^˜etc...). This includes the layer name, variable name, external file name, composition name, folder name within the project, and folder name in the project path.

6 - Pre-render and optimize all non-dynamic content (video within the project must be in ".mp4" format).

7 - Delete all unused files within your project. Select the main composition and go to: File > Dependencies > Reduce Project.

8 - Always use the "collect files" option before using the plugin. Select the main composition and go to File > Dependencies > Collect Files. Make sure that under Collect source files, “All” is selected and then click the Collect button.

9 - Do not use a space to separate variable names. Instead, use an underscore. E.g.: Product_name.

10 - All external files used in your project must be stored locally (on your computer's hard drive).

11 - Do not use plug-ins that are not native to Adobe After Effects.

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