Please see below to learn how to add a shape variable to both an Image and Video plugin:


You must have a Paragraph Text type layer in your file. After you log in, click "Add new variable". Then click "Select the correspondent layer" in the drop-down menu. Fill in the requirements concerning this variable:

  • Variable name

  • Horizontal/vertical orientation

  • Whether this text will have a color variable

  • Optional/required variable

  • Limited number of characters or "Smart Resize"

Then click "Save".


To add a text variable, you must create a text layer in Paragraph Text style.

Go to the Variables tab, select the text layer from the drop down menu and set the name.

Next, check the following:

  • Is variable is mandatory

  • If it will get a color input

  • Set the maximum character limit.

Note: To add color to a text or a shape variable, you need to enable a text or a shape layer by going to "Layer Style" > "Color Overlay".

Then just click on "Add Variable", and it will appear in your list of registered variables.

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