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How do I keep track of my Active Projects in the Creator's Suite?
How do I keep track of my Active Projects in the Creator's Suite?

Learn with this Creator Suite project guide

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The first step in getting access to your active projects as a creator is to click on the "Active" button on the left side menu. There you will see all the projects you are involved in, all the material you need to develop your creatives, as well as receive feedback and guidance on your work and track your progress.

To know more about a specific project you are working on you should click on it.

Within each project you will have information about: brief, notes, assets, concepts, vidscripts, outputs, project files and team.

The Brief

The project brief can be found in the "Brief" tab. Either as a downloadable document at the top of the page, or filled into the below form.


Additional project information can be found in the "Notes" tab. This may include information from the client Kick-Off Call.

To access the notes you just need to click on the one of your choice and you will see more details about it and also be able to make comments.


Click the "Resources" to access channel best practices for your project's outputs directly within VidMob's platform.


Client assets can be downloaded from the "Assets" tab. Select “Download All”.

If the assets have not been zipped, you’ll see the below screen. We recommend selecting “Single Zip File” as this maintains the client’s original folder structure. Clique no botão "Create".

Usually this Zip File process happens quickly and you will see the .zip files available for download. Now just click the "cloud icon" and then click "Done".

Note: If the Zip File process takes too long, don't worry. You’ll receive an email when the assets have finished zipping. Return to the "Assets" tab and select “Download All”, you’ll now see .zip’s to download.

Sourcing Stock Media

Another way to get assets is to download our Stock Media from our Stock Library.
Stock Media can also be sourced from the "Assets" tab, select the "Stock Banner".

To learn more about how to use and download VidMob's Stock Media see the article:

Submitting Concepts

  • Concepts follow the same process, and are uploaded in the "Concepts" tab.

  • Accepted concepts are visible to the client.

Submitting VidScripts

  • Please submit VidScripts in the "VidScripts" tab as a .PDF.

  • When submitted, the script will sit in a pending review state. The internal team will review, and if they have feedback, will reject the script.

  • If the script is accepted by the internal team, the script will then be visible to the editor/motion designer.

Note: Only accepted VidScripts are visible to the editor / motion designer on the project. The contents in the VidScript tab is not visible to the client.


Draft Uploads

You can submit drafts within the "Outputs" tab. To upload:

  • Locate the output you’d like to upload to and press the "cloud icon" in the top right corner.

  • Or press the "upload" button in the top right corner of the page.

You’ll then be brought to the upload window. You can collapse and expand output buckets with the arrows on the right hand side.

Click the “Add new draft” button to upload a video draft to the correct bucket.

Reviewing Drafts as a CD

Within the "Outputs" tab, outputs that need to be reviewed will be flagged with the orange "Internal Review" label.

Click on its thumbnail to view it.

Review the output, if you believe it is ready to send to the client, press “Approve Output”. This will not send the output to the client, but it will notify your Project Manager that you believe it’s ready to go.

If you do not feel comfortable sending the output to the client, press the “Reject Output” button, and begin leaving timestamped feedback for the animator.

Note: Only the internal VidMob team is able to approve outputs through for client review.

Leaving Feedback on Videos

Within the "Outputs" tab, select the video you’d like to review.

You can leave timestamped feedback on the video draft. Once you begin typing into the feedback tool on the right hand side, the video will pause. After pressing “post”, the comment will be sent with the associated timestamp.

To adjust the timestamp, adjust the video player’s scrubber.

Note: The feedback tool is used by both internal and external stakeholders. We should only leave feedback on internal, rejected drafts.

If the draft is approved and client facing, it will have a “Client Review” warning at the top of the page. All feedback on such drafts are visible to the client. Do not post feedback, we will wait for the client to send theirs!

Project Files

Final File Uploads

A project closes when all assets are accepted as final by the client. The last step is for the motion designer / editor to upload the project files of the final edits.

Please go to the "Project Files" tab, and select the “Final Files” folder. Upload a .zip of all files properly packaged. This .zip should include the Adobe project file (likely an .aep) and any reference files used in the execution.

Note: Anyone should be able to download this .zip, open it up on their own computer, and get back to editing.


Files can be shared via the "Project Files" tab.

  • Find the folder with your name, and upload files there. Other creators on the project can access and download from this folder.

    i.e. When a VidScript with designs is approved, the creator can upload the design files (.psd’s, .ai’s, etc.) to the project files tab for the motion artist to use.

  • This is also where a motion artist could package up and send their After Effects work if another artist is finishing the project.


Finally the "Team" tab will show you everyone VidMob has involved in the project and their roles.

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