Required Softwares

Creative Cloud | Adobe After Effects CC 2021 versão 18.2 or superior | Plugin Vidmob Template Builder version 1.2.5 (May/22)

Please only use the only original software to run the plugin and in the English Version.

Pro Tip: Be aware of special characters or symbols usage (such as: ç@#%^ ̃), when naming the files as it may prevent issues when installing your template. This practice must be applied to the following names:

  • Layers

  • Variables

  • External files

  • Compositions

  • Folders within the project and its path.


  • Create layer variables:

    • This includes image, text, and shapes (color-changing may also be a possibility).

  • Image Fit:

    • With Image Fit you set a layout image as a proportion reference that will serve as a guide for those images that will be inserted into the template during deployment.

As in the example below (the green area corresponds to the proportions of the image), if the image used is larger than the reference, it will be reduced to fit the proportions maintaining the aspect ratio. On the other hand, if the image used is smaller than the reference, it will expand to accommodate the proportions of the reference to also maintain the aspect ratio.

  • Character limiter:

    • In this field you can choose the maximum number of characters in a text variable layer.

  • Optional Variables:

    • This feature defines whether a variable will be optional or mandatory.

  • Font file upload:

    • Use multiple font files in your template.

  • Use native Adobe After Effects effects:

    • Font style, Alignments, Animations etc...

  • Use Adobe After Effects compatible extension files:

    • ”.psd”, “.ai”, “.mp3”, “.png”, “.jpg” etc...

How to Install the Vidmob Template Builder Plugin

1. First, make sure you've already allowed the plug-ins to access the Internet in Adobe After Effects:

  • Edit > Preferences > Scripts and Expressions and check the option “Allow scripts to write files and access the network”.

2. You can install or run the plugin:

  • How to install:

    • File > Scripts > Install Script File... (The plugin can be found at: File > Scripts > PluginVideo-1.2.6.jsxbin).

  • How to run the plugin:

    • File > Scripts > Run Script File...

Best practices when installing templates (Do’s and Dont’s):

  • Never use special characters or symbols in filenames, (ç @ #% ^ ̃etc ...) this includes layer names, variable names, external filenames, composition name, folder names within the project, and filenames folders in the project path.

  • Pre-render all non-variable layers (videos within the project must be in “.mp4” format).

  • Only use “.png” format images for variable image layers.

  • Transform all text layers into paragraph type text.

  • Always delete all unused files within your project.

    • Select the main composition and go to: File > Dependencies > Reduce Project.

  • Always use the “collect files” option before using the plugin.

    • Select the main composition and go to: File > Dependencies > Collect files...

    • Make sure that in"Collect source files" is selected "All" and then click the "Collect" button.

  • Do not use a space (”“) separating variable names, use an underscore instead.

    • Ex: Product_Name.

  • All external files used in your project must be stored locally (on your computer's hard drive).

  • Do not use plug-ins that are not native to Adobe After Effects.

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