Required Softwares

Creative Cloud | Adobe Photoshop CC 2021 version 22.2.0 or superior | Plugin VidMob Template Builder 1.14.0 (Jun/22)

Please only use the only original software to run the plugin and in the English Version.

Pro Tip: Be aware of special characters or symbols usage (such as: ç@#%^ ̃), when naming the files as it may prevent issues when installing your template. This practice must be applied to the following names:

  • Layers

  • Variables

  • External files

  • Compositions

  • Folders within the project and its path.


  • Create layer variables:

    • This includes image, text, and shapes (color-changing may also be a possibility).

  • Character limiter:

    • In this field, you can choose the maximum number of characters in a Text Variable Layer.

  • Smart Resize Text:

    • If enable Text layers will reduce its size until to accommodate the amount of text inside the Paragraph text box.

  • Optional variables:

    • This feature defines whether a variable will be optional or mandatory.

  • Upload font files:

    • Use multiple font files in your project.

  • Generate creatives in more than one format at a time: .jpg, .png, .pdf

How to Install the VidMob Template Builder Plugin

1. Download the VidMob Template Builder plugin for Adobe Photoshop from VidMob's platform. Double click on the .ccx file and follow the standard installation procedures.

2. After the installation, you will be able to find the plugin on Adobe Photoshop menu:

"Plug-ins" > "VidMob Template Builder" > "VidMob Template Builder"

How to set up the correct color profile

1. Make sure that your Adobe Photoshop Color Profile is assigned to: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

"Edit" > "Assign Profile"

2. Confirm that the Color Profile was recognized by the VidMob Template Builder Plugin in Global Settings.

How to Configure Template Resolution

1. Make sure the template resolution is at: 72 dpi

Best Practices Installing Your Templates (Do's and Dont's)

1. Never use a template inside an Artboard.

2. Never place a layer inside Folders.

3. Transform all text layers to "Paragraph Text".

4. Never use any "Blend Mode" on Layers. If you need to use them, don't forget to rasterize them before using the plugin.

5. The VidMob Template Builder Plugin recognizes just files with .psd extension which includes: text layers, image layers and shape layers only.

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