Creative Automation allows you to transform the way you create high-performing product catalog ads; with it you can:

Develop high-performing ad templates

Create custom templates that are on-brand and adhere to platform best practices with help from a network of certified creative experts and award-winning collaboration software.

Fuel variations with enriched feeds

Automatically generate thousands of creative variations by seamlessly connecting your product feed data to template variables.

Sync with your social channel of choice

Effortlessly publish every ad variation by linking enriched feeds directly to the channels of your choice.

Update creative in real time

Automatically refresh campaign creative any time a change is made to your product catalog.

Ensure ads are always up-to-date

Never serve ads that feature out-of-stock inventory or expired promotions thanks to real-time automatic catalog updates.

Stay consistent across channels

Easily switch up templates based on seasonality or special events, no matter where your ads are running.

Sophisticated template art direction

Get your templates designed in best-in-class Adobe software by certified creative automation experts.

Manage all your creative demands in one place

Collaborate with all your stakeholders in our award-winning creative production management software.

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