Anchor Point

The anchor point is the point around which all transformations rotate. It is the point or position from which a layer or object will scale, rotate, or position.


API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of standards that allows communication between platforms through a series of standards and protocols. Through APIs, developers can create new software and applications that can communicate with other platforms.

Character limit

The character limit is the maximum number of characters a text variable can have.

Creative Automation

Within the platform is Creative Automation, where creative is generated from the installed templates, either by Upload Spreadsheet or by New Form. You can also find image and video plugins here with the most up-to-date versions available for download.


DAM (Digital Asset Management) is built into the platform. This is where assets are loaded, like spreadsheets and tabs. The DAM also creates and organizes files and stores the templates installed by the image and video plugins.

Data Feed

The Data Feed is where the variable information is loaded and validated before the creative is generated.

Image Fit

Image fit is a tool inside the plugin that enables an image variable. When activated, the image variable will adjust to any other image regardless of size.

New Form

This is the best way to generate fewer creatives by filling out a form on the platform itself. Just choose the template, fill in the necessary information with the available variables, and generate the creatives.

Optional Variable

An optional variable is an option that can be applied to a text, image, or shape variable in both the image and video plugins. Making a variable optional is telling the platform that it can be filled or not. That is, if you don't fill this variable with information, your creatives will be generated anyway without hindrance.


The platform works as a server where you can log in, generate your creatives quickly and automatically, and manage your assets, spreadsheets, and templates.

Public URL

The public URL is a page where you can access all the lead information without being logged into the platform.


Smart is a customized platform that aims to facilitate the creation of advertising pieces through a simple and intuitive graphical interface.

Smart Resize

Smart resize is a tool inside the plugin that signals that a block of text will not have a character limit. When activated, Smart Resize automatically adapts to resize inside a paragraph text box.


Templates provide a pre-built layout where you can edit variables according to your preferences or needs: color, text, image, audio.

Template identifier (Template ID)

The template identifier is a unique string of numbers and letters that the platform generates for each installed template to more accurately identify it.

Upload Spreadsheet

This is the best way to generate creative, on a large scale, through a template installed on the platform.

You can download the template sheet from the platform in .CSV format, fill in all the necessary information with the variables available, and upload it back to the platform to generate your creative.


The variable is everything that will be changed in a template when generating the creatives on the platform. It can be text, the color of a shape, an image, or a banner, depending on whether the template is an image or a video.

Video Plugin/Script

Video plugin/script is a type of plugin in script format that must be used in After Effects to install video templates with their variables on the platform.

Vidmob Template Builder

Vidmob Template Builder is the Adobe Photoshop image plugin that installs image templates and their variables on the platform.

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