To access the Insights Library, navigate to the left-hand side navigation tool and select from the Creative Analytics options.

You will automatically be brought to the Brand Insights page but can toggle between Brand & Normative Insights.

User Access Overview

Brand Insights

  • You will only see insights related to ad accounts that you have connected yourself through the Integrations Page or granted access to by a team member

Platform Insights

  • All team members will have access to all platform insights

Industry Insights

  • You will see insights for industries that are associated with your ad accounts and partner

Insight Functionality:



Insight Details

You can click into insights to see more information & context

  • On the top right-hand corner, there is a “go-to report” link that will go back to the original report where the insight was found with the exact settings and filters

  • Insights that are unread will appear with a blue line

Managing Insights

You can manage how you or other teammates see your insights

  • You can move insights into different status: Move draft to publish, move publish to archive, delete insights

  • You can edit insights

    • Only the finding, recommendation & category fields will be editable

    • Some fields are disabled

Liking Insights

You can “like” an insight by clicking the heart as well as filter by Like status

Sorting Insights

You can sort insights by different criteria

  • Sorting Options: Date Created & Like Status

Filters Insights

You can filter by different multi-select dropdown related to Brand and Normative Insights

Status Descriptions:



User Access


Insights that are ‘in progress’ they have been saved, but are not published to everyone who would have access to that insight

You can Edit, Schedule, Publish or Archive draft insights only if you created the insights


Insights that were draft or in progress but have been scheduled to be published to team members who have access to them

You can Edit, Schedule, Publish or Archive draft insights only if you created the insights


Insights that are ‘live’/'viewable' to all team members who have access to them.

You can Edit or Archive published insights even if you didn’t create them


Insights that were published at some point, but no long are - they were deemed ‘no longer relevant’.

You can unarchive archived insights only if you created the insight


Insights that are deleted

You can Delete an insight only if you created the insights

Please note that the Insights Library is only available to clients who have a paid Creative Analytics subscription. If you are interested in learning more about Creative Analytics and the Insights package, please reach out to your Client Partner or email

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