Creative Element


Label Detection

Identifies throughs of objects, scenes & activities. We can use these elements to understand the key visuals that contribute to creative performance

Face Detection & Analysis

Can easily detect when faces appear in images and videos and get attributes such as gender, age range, gaze direction & emotions. We can use this to help inform the optimal way to include human presence in creative.

Celebrity Recognition

We recognize thousands of celebrities across a wide range of categories. When using well-known celebrities in creative, this can help you identify which talent is most impactful to your creative performance.

Text Detection

We process all text detected in your creative and identify the word or line that is used most frequently in your creative and is likely to be the phrase that caught viewers' attention. You can use this to optimize the messaging in your creative and ensure your key message is clearly highlighted.

Detect Logos

We are able to confidently detect popular product logos within images and videos. This unlocks the ability to understand how a brand's logo contributes to performance.

Color Analysis

The color model detects the most dominant colors, temperature, vibrancy, contrast & text contrast across each frame. This can help our clients understand the optimal way to incorporate color to boost performance.

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