To successfully connect, the user connecting the ad account must have at least one of the following roles: (Please be sure the email address with the below permissions is the same email address you use to access Creative Studio.)

  1. Read Only

  2. Standard

  3. Admin

Step 1: Sign in to VidMob - Creative Studio

Step 2: Go to "Profile" > "Integrations" > click on "DV360" platform card

  • The DV360 card should be used when looking to connect any DV360 Ad Accounts.

Step 3: Sign in to Google and complete the authorization flow

  • First screen: Select the Google email address that is linked to your DV360 Ad Accounts.

  • Second screen: Click “Allow” at the bottom to allow the platform to connect your ad account/s. VidMob only asks for the bare minimum permissions needed to connect ad accounts to the platform.

Is VidMob able to edit or adjust campaigns in connected ad accounts?

Rest assured, VidMob only utilizes a client’s ad account access to be able to download media and metrics. This allows our tool to show you how creative elements in those ads are impacting performance.

Step 4: Click "Manage Accounts" > "Manage Partner IDs".

To find your partner ID head to and log in to your account.

Locate the number at the end of the browser URL. Copy and paste that number into the partner ID field in Creative Studio and click “Connect”.

Pro tip: It’s typically around 7-digits.

Step 5: Go to the "Manage Access" tab. Identify the ad accounts that you would like connected to Creative Analytics by selecting the checkboxes and clicking “Save”.

Note: Don’t forget to click Save!

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