The ability to create insights in the platform is available across Creative Manager, Compare All and Custom Compare Pages.

The process to create new insights:

  1. Go to a report: Creative Manager, Compare Report or Custom Compare

  2. Apply relevant filters to the data & select KPI

  3. Once an interesting insight is found, click the ‘Insight' Button in the top right

  4. Fill out relevant fields

  5. Click 'Next' to add creative examples

  6. Publish Insight to Insight Widget in the Dashboard

How to write an insight:

  • Finding:

    • This is the main takeaway from the data. This field will be used on the title card of insights throughout the platform. Note that the filters, KPIs and other contextual data will automatically be captured and saved with the insight.
      Some good examples of findings:

      • ‘Creative with the color pink increased 3 Second View Rates by 55%.’

      • ‘Celebrities were associated with a 20% lift in Click Through Rates’

      • ‘Creative that included the logo in the center of the frame outperformed other logo treatments by 40%’.

  • Recommendation:

    • Describes the actions that can be taken based on the finding & contextual information from the insight.

      • ‘Continue exploring different messaging formats like question-based messaging to determine which best captures viewers' attentions.’

      • ‘Experiment with different characters in Special Attack format.’

  • Creative Components:

    • Categorize the insight based on the creative theme(s) that is most relevant

  • Filters

    • The filters are auto-captured based on the filters applied before the insight is created. The filters will update as you change the pages & filters.

    • When the insight is created it will generate a report link from the last applied filters to attach to the insight so that users can return to the report.

    • Depending on the report you create an insight from, certain fields are locked, or some fields need to be manually entered. The filters captured will contribute to how insights are able to be filtered in the future. If you want to change the fields of an insight, collapse the insight & make necessary changes to filters. Your work will be saved.

Tips for selecting the right insights for your project:

  • Ensure the insight aligns with the objective and KPI you are producing for

  • Select insights that can be actioned based on your source assets provided for this project(ex. an insight on human presence cannot be actioned if only product shots are provided)

  • Select insights that align with your creative direction

Interested in adding insights to your project brief? Check out this help center article for instructions and additional information.

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